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Housekeeping Services

Hard floors (Granite, Marble etc.)
--Cleaning of hard floors with soft padded dust controlled mops.
--Cleaning of hard floors before office hours with wet mops and mild   detergents.
--Disinfecting of hard floors before office hours.

Housekeeping services in Udaipur

Vertical area/walls
--Painted walls, dusting with feather dusters or soft cloth.
--Ceramic tiles cleaning with mild detergent solution. Special attention is paid to    cleaning of grouting areas of tiles.
--Dusting and cleaning of skirting.
--Cleaning and dusting of partitions
--Dusting of glasses and doors

House maid services in Udaipur

Office furniture
--Dusting of all office furniture
--Spot removing from table tops/laminated partitions
--Cleaning of waste paper baskets
--Disinfecting of telephones
--Cleaning of glass panes from inside

Toilet cleaning services in Udaipur

--Scrubbing of WC with toilet bowl cleaners
--Disinfecting of washrooms
--Wet mopping of floors and tiled walls
--Scrub cleaning of wash basins
--Dusting of hand dryers

manpower services in Udaipur

Weekly spring cleaning schedule
Spring cleaning will be undertaken once a week which
will include the following:

--Mechanical scrubbing /shampoo/waxing of floor
--Cleaning of window glasses from outside
--Cleaning the cobweb from outside walls
--Cleaning of exhaust fans, louvers and grills
--Polishing of brass and chrome fixtures
--Scrubbing of all glazed tiles in pantry and toilets
--Suction cleaning of corners, ledges etc.
--High dusting (above eye level)
--Vacuum cleaning of upholstered chairs

Housekeeping services in Ajmer

We Suvidha Services also provides Manpower Services in various Sectors
--Peon Service
--Pantry Boy
--Office Boy
--Maid (House)

Housekeeping services in Bhilwara

Other Cleaning Services
Carpet Cleaning Services
Car Cleaning Services
Sofa Cleaning Services
Deep Cleaning(Occasionally )

Housekeeping services in Chittorgarh